What will hatch on your stream?
Defend your base from hordes of zombies, collect wild weapons, and see how many waves you can survive!
Bringing Paragon back to life in a Smash style game. 40+ Officially licensed characters, levels, and assets.
Become a hacker in this mixed reality thriller playing out right on your own computer.
A tribute to the original Windows XP wallpaper. Full 24-hour day/night cycle.
Hey, Phreaks! Here's a modern blue box tone generator with useable/accurate tones.
​A free 3D dice roller featuring D4, D6 (dots or numbers), D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100 (tens) dice.
Lets you use your Kinect as a webcam and removes the background automatically.
This game, template, and source code is available for free.
Perform common tech-related maintenance tasks.
​A large collection of educational resources and quick functions.