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Poly-gone is a low-poly, yet highly visual take on the classic Call of Duty "Zombie Modes".  Play with up to four friends to fight off endless hordes of zombies on a massive map that you'll need to unlock areas to explore. 

Over 50 different types of zombies and bosses will test your skills. Weapons range from traditional rifles and launchers to futuristic lasers and plasma weapons.

Pre-order now and get the game for as low as $9.99! All pre-orders will receive a retail Steam key at launch.

FREE Demo available now! How many waves can you survive in this single-player demo? Explore an early version of the Construction Site area. Plenty of ways to cheat as zombies can't climb (yet), but it's all fun. There's also a "Skip Wave" button for those that want to really test the system.

Single player beta coming soon. 

Credits & Special Thanks

Mike Rodriguez (MikeTheTech, Developer/Programmer)
Matt Hogan (StormRend Studio, Programmer)
Daniil Mazur (peachmage, Programmer)
Chilton Webb (GlyconVR, VR Mocap Tech)
Synty Studios (3D Modeling)
Whippy Games (Programming)
Dark Fantasy Studio (Music)
UNEASY (Programming/Skybox)

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Played this game and I absolutely loved it!!! Highly recommend :)