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You're thrust into the dark web and given a limited set of tools to get started by an underground "security" organization called the HTK Group. If you can prove you've got what it takes, you'll earn the right to become a member of the organization, taking on bigger jobs and bigger risks.

Each application used in the game runs separately, but connects to the same save file. You'll get a real email address with credentials to access the HTK Group secure messaging service, where you'll get updates on new jobs to take on. Each of the apps you get start off as a bit slow and basic, but as you gain a reputation on the dark web, you'll get access to software marketplaces and pirating websites to torrent the upgraded software. 

Starting Software

  • Password Cracker (Dictionary/Brute Force)
  • Port Scanner
  • Decrypter
  • Encrypter
  • Crypto Wallet

Potential Software Upgrades

  • Decypher/Decoder
  • Steganography
  • Cryptog
  • Firewall
  • Firewall Bypass (Penetration Tester/Attack)
  • DDoS Bot Farm
  • Log Deleter
  • Password Cracker (leveled upgrades)
  • Trace Route/Tracker
  • Media Analyzer
  • VPN
  • Offshore Cloud Server
  • IP Probe/WhoIs
  • Facial Recognition 
  • and of course assess to the servers and databases you find along the way...

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