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Introducing the first stages of StreamSavers! An idle-clicker game with heavy gacha/collecting and leveling mechanics that sits in your YouTube or Twitch streams! Viewers can interact with Twitch commands and donations.  What will hatch on YOUR stream?

Pre-order now and you'll get early access to the beta (out now!) as well as the Steam key for the full game!

Platforms: Windows (In Production: SLOBS App, OS X, Linux, HTML5)
Officially Supported Applications: OBS, Streamlabs OBS.
Streaming Platform Integrations: Twitch Chat


StreamSavers runs in the background of your stream. Use OBS or Streamlabs OBS to capture the game window, choose "Allow Transparency", and you're all set! The game is played in its own window, preferably on a second monitor, to not obtrude the game window. Game can be minimized and still show in stream.

  • In OBS or Streamlabs OBS, choose Game Capture, choose the StreamSavers window, and set Allow Transparency to True.
  • "Alt + Enter" to toggle Fullscreen. (Can be run on second monitor, or in the background.)
  • Press "S" to save your characters. 
  • Press "L" to load your characters.
Game Modes
  • Idle RPG - It's like a piranha tank full of tamagotchi-style heroes. Hatch a starting egg to start your journey. Heroes automatically attack enemies, gain experience, level up, and collect coins. Heroes never die. Twitch viewers can interact by spawning effects, enemies, bosses, and coins though chat commands and donations. Coins can be used to buy additional eggs. 
  • Endless PVP - Twitch viewers type !join to drop in with their username as a random character. Players continually attack and destroy each other. Viewers can drop power ups and enemies.
  • Battle Royale - Viewers are given 60 seconds to queue up using !battle. The Battle UFO drops all participants into a PVP-enabled battle royale where only one will be victorious.
Development Team
Mike (MikeTheTech) Rodriguez
Amarjeet Prasad
Tolga Vanlıoğlu

Release Notes (release.beta.alpha)

Heroes implemented: 76
Heroes so far: 224
Eggs Implemented: 8
Enemies Implemented: 2

Beta Release 0.1.9 (9/21/21) 

  • New Platform: Support for macOS.
  • Bug Fix: Characters going behind the title logo: Fixed by sending the title logo image to back.
  • Bug Fix: Characters going behind the main menu: Fixed by making it a solid physics object.
  • Bug Fix: Translucent platform: Fixed by using floor tiles instead.
  • Bug Fix: Sometimes characters don't produce coins when they die: Fixed.
  • Bug Fix: If a character dies with its info-sheet open, the game used to crash with an error: Fixed.
  • Performance Fix: Heavy frame drop and lag observed at game start: Fixed by introducing a loading screen (splash screen), which loads all the sprites before the game starts.
  • Bug Fix: Line connecting characters and their respective info-sheets being drawn over characters' images: Fixed by ending the line above characters' images.
  • QoL Update: If there is only one character remaining on the title screen, it has nothing much left to do: Fixed by spawning a random character after every minute, since the starting of the game.
  • Bug Fix: Char overhead text going behind the menu: Fixed by adjusting depths.
  • Bug Fix: The collision-shape of each and every character readjusted (including enemy and boss) so that none of them appear floating in the air while moving close to platform edges
  • QoL Update: Players can now have only two info sheets open at any moment (it avoids clustering of info-sheet, while still making it possible to compare the info of any two characters).
  • Informational update: Info-sheets can still be dragged with the left mouse button and, closed with a mouse right-click. UI Icons will soon be added.
  • Bug Fix: The other info-sheet will not be dragged with the one that is already being dragged (it avoids stacking of info-sheets)

Beta Release (1/16/21) 

  • Fixed bug that caused crashing in PVP Mode.

Beta Release 0.1.7 (1/15/21) 

  • Synced to Steam Release from this version forward.
  • Added platforms and a new title screen featuring PVP characters.
  • Updated platform to x64 bit runtime.
  • 76 Total Characters implemented to both Idle RPG and PVP Modes.
  • Improvements to the attack and leveling system. 
  • Addition of ranged characters with ranged attacks. 
  • Improvements to the Hero Information Panel which now connects to the character it's referencing. 
  • Added health bars to represent HP for each character.

Beta Release 0.1.6 (12/22/20)

  • CHARACTER DROP! 53 new characters coming in the next update bringing the total to 76.
  • 4 New Eggs and new spawn rates for existing eggs!
  • Hero Info Panels! (Right click to open, left click to drag, right click again to close.)

Beta Release 0.1.5 (11/20/20)

  • Character update! Added 5 new characters to the PVP Mode.

Beta Release 0.1.4 (11/20/20)

  • PvP Mode w/ Twitch introduced. Audience may spawn characters from the Battle UFO, each with 100hp using the command !battle. Attacks do "damage = 1-5hp * level".  Not battle royal mode, so there is no winner, but the remaining characters will continue leveling on stream.
  • PvP Mode supports 5 characters so far but adding the rest quickly.
  • Idle RPG w/Twitch now supports PVP players. They will ignore player characters and help attack enemies and other PVP players.
  • Common eggs hatch rate increased to 5 minutes.
  • Rare eggs hatch rate increased to 10 minutes.
  • Cost of eggs increased to 1,000 gold coins.

Beta Release (11/6/20)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where loading the game would only load eggs OR characters, rather than both eggs and characters. Saving and loading should work properly now.

Beta Release 0.1.3 (10/11/20)

  • Performance Update: Turned off synchronization/VSYNC.
  • Added new hero, Dark Magician (Thanks vMatriixx for the suggestion!)
  • Added new hero, Fire Elemental.
  • Added new hero, Ice Elemental.
  • Added new hero, Water Elemental (Coral).
  • Added new hero, Pumpkin Head.
  • First hero spawned in Twitch mode is named after the streamer. (Thanks manikclub for the suggestion!)

Beta Release 0.1.2 (9/26/20)

  • Physics Update: Stronger physics, less enemy bounce, enemies bounce away from walls, and enemies no longer collide with each other.
  • Performance Update:  Switched from VM to YYC. Now building directly to C++/machine code which can execute without the use of an interpreter. 
  • Added new hero, Magician.
  • Added new egg color, Red.
  • Added 1 new special effect for rare eggs and characters (red glow).

Beta Release 0.1.1 (9/25/20)

  • Added randomness to the game.
  • Each color of egg will now properly drop one of 5-6 possible characters each.
    Purple Egg: Alien, Anubis, Barbarian, Blacksmith, Black Wizard.
    Gold Egg: Tiny Executioner, Gecko, Gorilla, White Knight, Mage, Monk.
    Pink Egg: Mummy, Robot, Skull Knight, Trojan, Vampire, Zombie Mummy.
  • New enemies now spawn every 45 seconds or so without user/audience input.
  • Game now saves the last Twitch authentication data used. (Thanks vMatriixx for the suggestion!)
  • Bug fix: Menu now properly attributes game title.
  • Bug fix: New users now start with 300 gold.
  • Switched to 720p for default performance increase. Toggle for 1080p planned.

Beta Release 0.1.0 (9/25/20)

  • Save/Load System Implemented!
  • Press "S" to save your characters. 
  • Press "L" to load your characters.
  • Idle RPG Playable in Beta
  • Idle RPG w/ Twitch Playable in Beta
  • Bug: Menu item uses incorrect/older game title, will be corrected to StreamSavers in next release.

[Pre-Beta changelog moved to official Development Blog. Please visit for archives and information on past updates.]


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StreamSavers 56 MB
StreamSavers 0.1.7.zip 56 MB
StreamSavers 0.1.6.zip 55 MB
StreamSavers 0.1.5.zip 16 MB
StreamSavers Beta 0.1.4.zip 16 MB
StreamSavers Beta 16 MB
StreamSavers Beta 0.1.3.zip 16 MB
StreamSavers Beta 0.1.2.zip 14 MB
StreamSavers Beta 0.1.1.zip 9 MB
StreamSavers Beta 0.1.0.zip 9 MB

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Which did I apply to that wasn't applicable? There was only one I remember looking into that ended up being for Unreal, but I'm pretty sure I didn't apply. My bad if I did but it would be good to know which one or why. I may have just missed a requirement. 

I don't think I'll be participating in game jams anyway though, so feel free to ban if necessary. 


Just purchased this, but what are all the chat commands? is there more than just !join and !battle?

Thank you so much for pre-ordering! Currently, !enemy and !coindrop work in the beta. Working on adding more soon! (also, ideas for new commands welcome)

Seems like the commands are not currently working, chat tpyes "!join" and "battle"  it comes back with "Join" or "battle" is not a recognized command. Any way to fix that?

Those are for PVP mode. Coming in an update. Maybe a week or two away.

How is that update coming along? The PVP sounds great

PVP is nearly complete, I just haven't released it because at the moment, levels don't affect attack power or HP or anything, just cosmetic. I'm writing up some scripts to handle these so that attack power and defense work and level appropriately, and then I'll release the PVP mode. My guess is 1-3 weeks.

PvP Beta is out